The American dream is nearly dead at Dota 2’s Manila Major

Taylor Cocke
(Digital Chaos)
(Digital Chaos)

Goodbye, compLexity. Seeya, Evil Geniuses. Later, Team Secret. Enjoy the loser’s bracket, Digital Chaos. The North American dream is on its last legs.

(Yes, I know that Team Secret isn’t technically a North American team. But with that roster, they might as well be.)

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The Manila Major hasn’t been kind to Western squads so far, and particularly the North Americans. After EG and Team Secret got knocked out Tuesday, compLexity lost their spot at the tournament after going down 0-2 to Team Liquid. Meanwhile, the much-hyped Digital Chaos fell out of the winner’s bracket, dropping 1-2 to Newbee.

As the Manila Major rolls along, it’s becoming more and more clear that the NA squads weren’t quite prepared for the tournament. Their drafts were risky — particularly Digital Chaos’ in Game 3 against Newbee — and their executions were often well off the mark. North American teams failed to punish scaling compositions, giving up early kills to heroes that had no business getting them, essentially throwing away what should have been easy early victories.

And now, it looks like an Asian teams will be gunning for victory, with three of the four teams left in winner’s hailing from the region and three more waiting in the wings of the loser’s bracket. Newbee looked somewhat sloppy in Game 2 of their series against Digital Chaos, but was able to bounce back right away, cementing them as a favorite going forward. MVP Phoenix is still a clear fan favorite, however.

Unfortunately for European fans, their teams are being forced to commit regioncide (a word I totally just made up), with Na’Vi bringing down Alliance Tuesday night and facing off against Team Liquid next. Let’s just hope whoever wins isn’t too worse for wear.

Taylor Cocke is pulling for the Western teams to make a run at this thing, but isn’t sure anyone can slow down Newbee. Follow him on Twitter @taylorcocke.

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