The 10-man rotation, starring Andre Iguodala, who seriously has not fallen off

A look around the league and the Web that covers it. It's also important to note that the rotation order and starting nods aren't always listed in order of importance. That's for you, dear reader, to figure out.

C: Sports Illustrated. Chris Ballard, routinely one of the best who does this, goes long on Andre Iguodala, a player who "cares about defense so much that he's still pissed about a single play from three weeks ago, in a game the Warriors won."

PF: The Hook. Ghostface Ziller on why the NBA draft age minimum that Adam Silver loves so much is a bunch of "malarkey." Plus other strong words!

SF: The Triangle. Zach Lowe on how Phil Jackson might help.

SG: TrueHoop. Henry Abbott on how he might not.

PG: Hickory High, twice. As part of this wonderful website's "Boogie Week" series, Andy Liu considers DeMarcus Cousins as a natural low-post dominator, while Jacob Greenberg gets his day-job on to consider the Sacramento Kings center from a behaviorist's point of view. Fascinating, both ways.

6th: Why have the Phoenix Suns fallen out of the Western Conference's top eight? Because their defense has fallen off a cliff over the past two weeks.

7th: San Antonio Express-News. The San Antonio Spurs' Big Three is on the cusp of beginning the winningest troika in the history of the NBA, which is insane and worth celebrating for as long as we have it.

8th: Vantage Sports. Why screen-setting, and measuring screen-setting, matters.

9th: TrueHoop. The Minnesota Timberwolves love "Flappy Bird," and Steve McPherson is ON IT.

10th: Mavs Outsider Report. Bobby Karalla on the preps-to-D-League journey of Ricky Ledo, the Dallas Mavericks draftee who "began as just a name, but now he’s slowly, methodically becoming a basketball player, finding his niche in a league full of prospects, has-beens, the NBA’s future, and its past."

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