Thanksgiving mailbag: NFL D-League? Has Pete Carroll lost the Seahawks? Plus, biopics & Southwest flights with Kurt Warner

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It's the time of the year to be thankful & this Thanksgiving, we're thankful for all of the listeners of You Pod to Win the Game.

That's why Charles Robinson & Frank Schwab are opening up the listener mailbag for an almost 100% listener-driven episode. Charles & Frank answer questions about a relegation league, Pete Carroll's future with the Seattle Seahawks, Baker Mayfield's with the Cleveland Browns, Nick Sirianni's progression as head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and much, much more.

Why not fully 100% listener driven? That's because Charles is also joined by Hall of Fame QB, NFL Network analyst and impending movie subject Kurt Warner. Charles and Kurt talk about the wacky 2021 season, which teams have a shot at the Super Bowl and Charles' previous interaction with Kurt on a Southwest flight before discussing the upcoming biopic about Kurt's life American Underdog, which will be released this Christmas.

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