#ThankYouDrTam: Canadians take to Twitter to show appreciation for their Chief Public Health Officer

Bryan MelerAssociate Editor, Yahoo News Canada
Yahoo News Canada

Thousands of Canadians are once again taking to Twitter to show their support for Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam.

On Friday afternoon, #ThankYouDrTam became the lending trend in Canada, just days after #IStandWithDrTam took over Twitter. People were once again trying to show their support, while dismissing the hateful comments that been have broadcasted, particularly by Conservative MPs.

Most recently, it was Tory MP Derek Sloan, who suggested Dr. Tam was in fact working in favour of China, while calling for her dismissal in social media posts and fundraising e-mails.

“Does she work for Canada or for China?" said Sloan in one video.

On Thursday, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer chose not to address the comments by the member of his causas. Last week, Scheer publicly called out Tam and Canada’s public health agency, for relying on the World Health Organization’s guidance, especially at the start of the outbreak.

Dr. Tam has served as part of several WHO committees. Her relationship with the organization has come under fire, especially after U.S. President Donald Trump accused WHO of colluding with China to cover of up the real ramifications of the virus.

As Conservative MPs in Canada continue to try to create hateful narratives about Dr. Tam, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stood by her side. Dr. Tam has also addressed the comments, and said that they don’t “detract” her from her job, a message that Canadians have shown to appreciate amid the pandemic.

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