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Let's cut through all the BS about whether or not referee Richard Cartmell's bogus 5-seconds call on a Texas inbounds play determined the outcome of the game, a 70-69 Arizona win.

There's no way to say how the final seconds of the game would have played out had Cartmell made the correct, objective call and given Texas the time out. But Texas' chances of moving on to a Sweet-16 match-up against Duke were probably sitting at around 90 percent before Cartmell got trigger happy.

His call changed the outcome of the game, plain and simple. Anyone who says otherwise isn't being honest and is simply toeing the company line of "one play doesn't determine who wins or loses."

Save it.

The call in itself was bogus, but I can look the other way when an official makes a human error. It happens. A lot.

What is inexcusable is the NCAA's unwillingness to even address the call despite repeated attempts by Orangebloods.com.

What is more curious than the call itself is the matter in which Cartmell makes it. He clearly does not give Texas a full five seconds, that's pretty much indisputable. But to watch him signal the five-seconds call with such joy animation should send red flags up to whoever is in charge at the conference and NCAA level of reviewing the call.


Tough break, literally, for Jordan Hicks to miss the remainder of spring practice with a fracture in his right foot. Hicks was playing as well as anyone on the Texas defense through the first half of the spring season (Hot 11 jinx?), and there's been some talk already that he could wind up being the Horns' top linebacker at some point during the 2011 season. We're not ready to go quite that far with talented seniors Keenan Robinson and Emmanuel Acho still on the roster, but Hicks was definitely making his presence known before the injury.

The good news is that Hicks appears to have a good attitude despite the setback and he's expected to make a speedy and full recovery. And truth be told, Hicks is good enough already that he didn't need a ton of work this spring.

Mack Brown said on Wednesday that Hicks' absence will open the door for converted safety DeMarco Cobbs to get more reps, but there's one other name to consider when forecasting a 2011 depth chart ... Tevin Jackson.

After sitting out the 2010 season, Jackson will join the Texas program in June and there have already been rumblings that the UT coaches are hoping he'll be able to contribute next fall, as a true freshman. We'll see how those expectations play out once Jackson is on campus, but the expectations are already lofty for the 2010 Rivals100 member.

--- Speaking of young linebackers, don't sleep on true freshman early enrollee Chet Moss. Mack Brown said on Wednesday that Moss has done some good things this spring playing in the middle, and he turned in a terrific scrimmage before the team broke for spring break. Moss continues to impress and with Keenan Robinson running at less than 100 percent this spring, the freshman from Cedar Park should get plenty of work.

--- During all the coaching changes, there were a lot of questions about which staff members would head up the Longhorn special teams. We got our answer on Wednesday, with Duane Akina and Major Applewhite announced as co-coordinators.

We've heard that the team  has done only minimal special teams work through the first two weeks of spring practices there's been no real need to rush out the assignments. But things are expected to pick up down the home stretch of the spring with the plan being to put a greater emphasis on the special teams units.

--- Everyone we've talked to is still extremely excited about the new schemes no both sides of the ball, and both the offense and defense continue to install new elements with each practice.

Watch for Manny Diaz to work in more blitz packages and some interesting third-down work over the next two weeks.


The games were fun, but is there anything better than the pom squads? Note: For more pictures, see our exclusive photo gallery.

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