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A lot of Texas fans were stressing this week after our report on top offensive line prospect Kennedy Estelle had the big fella keeping his options open and considering at least one more unofficial visit before making a decision.

Estelle and his family had mentioned in previous reports that the Pearland Dawson product would probably visit Auburn or Florida State sometime this spring or summer. With new schools entering the picture daily, Estelle told us this week that he's not zeroed in on only those two schools as possible stops ... he's now considering all interested schools for at least one more unofficial visit (Estelle has visited Texas and SMU this spring).

Hearing that, some fans began with the hand-wringing.

My suggestion? Relax.

Estelle still has Texas, at worst, tied at the top of his very own list. And both his parents are pushing the Longhorns pretty hard. Come on folks, anyone who has followed recruiting for even one year knows that Texas rarely, if ever, loses those types of recruits.

Estelle and his family are very close, and the guess here is that there's a snowball's chance in hell that he leaves the state. I've talked to his mom. She's told me she's a "hook'em fan" and she's not crazy about having to fork over her hard-earned coin for her son to take an out-of-state unofficial visit this spring or summer. Imagine if she was having to shell out the bucks a few times a year in order to see her son. I don't see thathappening.

Estelle is doing his due diligence, as all kids should. He doesn't strike me as the type of kid that's simply looking to drum up suspense or exposure. Let the kid take his time and the smart money has Texas fans celebrating when he does officially announce.


We at Orangebloods.com hear Longhorn team and recruiting rumors all the time, just about every day. Over the years, we've been able to get a pretty good grasp on what's good info and what is not, and we've certainly learned what sources were the most reliable.

Remember about six weeks ago when we heard that Texas had made a sudden move to the top of DT Malcom Brown's list and A&M had dropped off considerably? Every other media outlet scoffed and less than a week later Brown had committed to Texas. That rumor came from a trusted source.

Got another one for ya (different source, for those who are wondering) ...

We received very few details, but we did hear this week that Texas is evaluating a junior college prospect for the 2012 class. No word yet on a name or a position (defensive line, offensive line or defensive back would be the best guess) but we were told UT may be considering throwing its name into the mix for a prospect from the Southeast.

Wild rumor based on Texas' long-term stance towards recruiting JUCO prospects, but worth filing away.


As everyone gets ready to settle in for the beginning of the NFL Draft on Thursday night, Longhorn fans are wondering how many former Horns will hear their name called over the course of the weekend, and where UT's top prospects might land.

Am I the only one that thinks someone is going to get asteal with Texas defensive back Aaron Williams and defensive end/linebacker Sam Acho? That's not a knock on the other Horns who will likely be selected, it's just that Williams and Acho seem to be the most likely success stories.

Both players are incredible talents. Both Williams and Acho have a good head on their shoulders and have a terrific support system in their families. Both guys just get it.

The NFL Draft has always irked me with some of the ridiculous criteria on which teams evaluate the thousands of players that are draft eligible. Height, strength and speed are one thing (although those are sometimes overanalyzed as well), but some of the mental and physical drills they put the players through are borderline ridiculous (it was so bad in 2010 that the Miami Dolphins had to apologize to Dez Bryant for questioning whether or not his mother was a prostitute ... really?).

And how much can one really tell in watching guys run and jump around in tights? If you want a true measure of a football player, watch him in pads. Sometimes, you simply have to look at the film and leave it at that. It doesn't always have to be rocket science. Some guys are just good, instinctual football players who have a knack for making plays.

Throw out the combine numbers and the Wonderlic tests ... Williams and Acho are great talents who work hard and just know how to play the game. They'll impact their teams sooner rather than later.


We like to use this space to wish certain hot female celebrities happy birthday, and today just happens to be a day to celebrate one of our favorites.

None other than Jessica Alba turns 30 today. So many pictures from which to choose, it's a shame we have room for only one ...

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