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Jim Tressel should not be coaching in 2011. Not at Ohio State. Not anywhere. Not in college football, anyways. To say that I have a real problem with the sham the college football world witnessed on Tuesday with the announcement that Tressel will miss two games and be fined $250,000 for basically treating the rules and integrity of the sport as a roll of toilet paper is a slight understatement. 

Nobody likes a hypocrite and the world’s worst kind might be a football coaching hypocrite. You know the kind… they lecture the importance of team and character, but only as far as it benefits him. They crack down on the players for breaking rules they never consider to keep.
Jim Tressel is a liar and a con-man who only sat in front of the podium and took his lumps on Tuesday because he was forced to, but not even the embarrassment of yesterday’s event’s meant that he was ready to admit he had even made a mistake.

"I don't think less of myself at this moment," Tressel said yesterday in front of the media.

Of course, he doesn’t. Let the record state that it seemed like ol’ Sweater-vest was closer to getting an extension and a raise before getting in any real trouble.

"No. Are you kidding me? I just hope the coach doesn't dismiss me,” Ohio State president Gordon Gee joked when asked if the school ever considered terminating the coach.

Yup, the joke is on us. Laugh away, guys.

Just to be clear, Tressel was tipped off about a FEDERAL investigation that would include rule violations that would potentially endanger the eligibility of several of his best players, ignored legal advice to come clean about the matter, refused to mention his prior knowledge of the situation when the school found out about the matter through other channels six months later and is now claiming he did it all because he wanted to protect his lawyer. 

Grown folks are supposed to believe a story that a seven-year old would try to pass off? Except Ohio State is banking on the parents buying it hook, line and sinker… or at least the hook. Even the guy that sold Jack his magic beans is impressed. 

Ohio State knows that it can get away with this shell game of a punishment because they are Ohio State. If Terrelle Pryor can play in the Sugar Bowl, why wouldn’t Tressel be back by the Miami game in mid-September? Why would we expect something stronger than a punishment that is roughly 1/14th of Tressel’s annual income (it’s not even a game check)? Bottom line - the Buckeyes win a bunch if games, the public really doesn’t want to see where the bodies are buried and our attention-span as a country lasts about 15 minutes.

Where is Charlie Sheen, anyways? 

It’s a disgrace. You want to believe that Ohio State has to live consequences of not standing up for the right thing, whatever they may be, but we need to finally admit that we live in a world of college athletic that is very hollow. The Sweater-Vest needs to have a mustard-stained scarlet letter and it should never be removed, but we live in a world where “should” doesn’t matter.

Winning matters. Beating Michigan matters. Making money matters. 

Doing it all with unbreakable character is akin to believing that chivalry will get you in the front door with a woman in 2011. Nothing is worse than watching a man attempt to win a woman by telling her that he believes in romance and treating a lady the right way. Only he truly knows their plight and opening the car door is his way of showing. 

Of course, if you have to tell me that you’re different, you probably aren’t. And that’s where we are in college football right now. Every fan telling the next fan that they are different, that they aren’t like the other guys. 

As if anyone really cares.

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