Texas training staff was key in injury prevention this offseason

Texas exited camp without any significant injuries. According to head coach Steve Sarkisian, the training staff played a huge role in the team’s injury prevention. There’s a great chance that he’s right.

I have been critical of Becton’s initial strength and conditioning program in 2021, but the results in the way of injury prevention are undeniable. Becton has helped facilitate strong-jointed players who have thrived on the field.

Strength and conditioning programs can often do more harm than good. Albeit unlike many training programs, Becton’s program is keeping players fresh and healthy. It’s worth acknowledging as the team approaches the season.

Texas enters the season at full strength in a year where it could afford to suffer an injury or two. In doing so, Becton and company are maximizing the impact that the Longhorns’ depth can make in 2023. They will look to continue close to full strength when the season kicks off on Sept. 2.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire