Texas tops California among U.S. states to visit for summer water sports. Here’s why

Texas tops California when it comes to water sports, a recent study found. For boaters and nature lovers, the Lone Star State is second only to Florida for the place to visit in the summer.

Texas got the nod as the second best state for water sports, according to research by Texas is home to about 7,000 lakes, counting the smaller ones, 150 of those with access for boaters.

“Activities such as swimming, snorkeling, water skiing, fishing, diving, rowing, and sailing are enjoyed by many across the country,” said David Ciccarelli, CEO of “This research provides a useful guide to the best states in the country to visit for water sports this spring and summer.”

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To determine the results, analyzed 22 different factors. They looked at each state’s total coastal area, the number of public beaches, lakes, boat yards, water parks and average weather conditions. And based on these, they gave each state a score out of 100.

Florida is the No. 1 state for water sports, scoring 68.22 out of 100.

“The Sunshine State has the best access to public beaches, with 909 miles of public beachfront in the state, as well as the most water parks (18), online boat rentals (2,879), marine stores (5,283), and boat yards (8,132),” according to

Texas received a score of 58.57 because it has the most marine and boating events, second in access to lakes and the third-lowest rates of deaths and injury related to the sport.

Michigan, California, and New York trail behind respectively.

The top 10 states for water sports

  1. Florida

  2. Texas

  3. Michigan

  4. California

  5. New York

  6. Illinois

  7. Wisconsin

  8. Minnesota

  9. Washington

  10. Massachusetts