Texas, Texas A&M disagree when it comes to the Lone Star Showdown

The Texas A&M Aggies do not want to play the Texas Longhorns on Thanksgiving according to reports. It’s uncertain exactly why, but that’s their stance on a potential move to Thursday of Rivalry Week.

The Aggies’ claim to fame prior to building their own brand in the Southeastern Conference was being anti-Texas. Were I to guess why Texas A&M does not want to follow the Dallas Cowboys’ afternoon game on Thanksgiving evening, the most logical reason would be that A&M does not want to play on that day simply because Texas does.

The Aggies have displayed a false deference to the SEC to gain favor within the conference. Albeit, the capital the program gained from that type of disposition didn’t help the Aggies keep the Longhorns from joining their exclusive conference.

There is little to no disadvantage to playing on Thanksgiving. It wouldn’t prevent time spent with family. Judging by the price of tickets to this year’s game, Texas and Texas A&M probably won’t be hurting too badly for TV ratings even if they compete for viewers against the NFL’s third Thanksgiving game.

Whether the game is played on Thursday, Friday or Saturday doesn’t matter. Perhaps an extra day or two of preparation and recovery would come in handy if one of the teams made the SEC title. But there’s no good reason to be opposed to a Thanksgiving game.

We’ll keep an eye on developments within the rivalry as Texas joins the expanded conference.

Texas Longhorns-Texas A&M Aggies Series History

Thomas Campbell-US Presswire

Texas has dominated the in-state rivalry with 76 wins to just 37 losses. Five games have ended in ties but not since 1948. The fans have been waiting over a decade for the game to return.

Here is a look at some of the numbers with this historic Lone Star rivalry.

Largest margin of victory: 48 (1898, Texas won 48-0)

Longest winning streak: 10 (1957-1966)

Current streak: 1 (Texas 27, Texas A&M 25)

Latest Trend: Texas has won 9 of last 12 dating back to 2000.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire