Texas RB Jonathon Brooks gets an optimistic injury update via the Dallas Cowboys

One of the top running back prospects in the 2024 NFL draft got an unusual boost and vote of confidence from Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones. During the NFL owners’ meetings, Jones provided an optimistic medical update on Texas running back Jonathon Brooks.

One of the top RBs in the draft, Brooks has been difficult to slot or fully evaluate due to a late-season knee injury with the Longhorns. Information about his progress had been tough to come by before Jones, the son of owner Jerry Jones, spoke at the meetings in Orlando on Monday.

The Cowboys have some insider knowledge on Brooks’ injury and progress. His ACL surgery was performed by Dallas’ team doctor, Dr. Dan Cooper.

From Nick Harris of the Cowboys’ in-house website and media team, quoting Jones:

“It always helps when one of the doctors you’re very familiar with does the surgery. That’ll be very helpful. Obviously, he’s a guy we follow right in our backyard in Texas. He’s got a lot of skill sets. If it wasn’t for the injury, might would’ve ultimately been rated the best back in the draft. Any time that a back is coming off an injury, you have to take those things into account.”

Brooks tore the ACL against TCU on November 11th and was not able to participate in the NFL Scouting Combine.

Jones continued, via Harris,

“Our understanding is that he has a great chance to be ready to not miss anything, start training camp and go to work. We’ll see. I don’t want to preempt anything. I haven’t seen the medical reports, but from a periphery basis from afar, going to the combine and things like that, I think he can be a player that can start first day of training camp. Not start, but participate right away.”

Story originally appeared on Draft Wire