Texas must come to Lubbock prepared for mayhem

·1 min read

The Texas Longhorns can look forward to a rowdy crowd on Saturday. Texas Tech fans welcome home a Red Raider football program that has battled admirably for their school over the last three games. With something to cheer about, they’ll be sure to make some noise.

Tech fans’ antics are well documented. The school’s fanbase is well known for throwing tortillas at the road team’s sideline. With Texas departing the conference, you can expect Red Raider fans to get under the Longhorns’ skin one last time.

We saw how much noise an angry Tech fanbase can produce when the Raiders hosted the Longhorns in basketball last season. Inevitably the crowd will be riled up and ready to make life miserable for the Texas football team. The Longhorns need to embrace it.

Texas needs to come into the game expecting a raucous atmosphere, ready to deliver hard hits on their opponent. The louder Raiders fans get, the harder the Longhorns should hit.

Jeff Traylor’s UTSA team tested Texas’ mettle last Saturday. Texas will have the opportunity to show how much confidence they have gained from the experience in their next game this Saturday.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire