Texas might need to rest guard Marcus Carr for more minutes

Texas guard Marcus Carr is exhausted. As the Longhorns reach the stretch run, that much is evident to one former professional athlete.

Former pro baseball player Mike Hardge discussed the topic on Ball Don’t Lie, his radio show with Rod Babers on 104.9 The Horn.

Marcus Carr is tired … I can tell your legs are gone because your lateral movement (is diminished), your vertical movement is not there. You’re shooting the ball now on your way down when before you were shooting it on your way up.

Those are tangible signs that Marcus Carr needs to recover. And frankly, the perfect time to recover could be after the Kansas game in the Big 12 Tournament.

There’s an argument to be made that the Big 12 tournament matters more than the SEC and Big Ten tournament simply because it ends before Sunday. Certainly, the Longhorns could climb up a seed by winning it. But at what cost?

Texas needs Carr at full strength for the NCAA Tournament. Cutting his playing time down from 31 minutes to 27 minutes could help him get his legs back and allow other players clutch opportunities to prepare for the Big Dance.

Getting Carr to full strength could be the difference between a tournament run and another first weekend exit.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire