Texas A&M’s loss to Auburn sends them to the ‘Misery Index’

The Texas A&M Aggies opened the season with strong expectations after head coach Jimbo Fisher signed the nation’s No. 1 recruiting class for the 2022 cycle, as Aggies fans took it as a sign of a bright future following Fisher’s 10-year contract extension that he signed in 2021.

Because of that, it is easy to see why said fans are fed up with Fisher and the Aggies. Texas A&M dropped a 13-10 decision to Auburn last Saturday, which extended its losing streak to six games, and kicked them out of bowl consideration.

The Aggies have fallen mightily since the preseason, where they began the season as the No. 7 team in the USA TODAY Coaches Poll. Because of Texas A&M’s fall from grace, USA TODAY Sports columnist Dan Wolken has placed them at the front of his weekly “Misery Index” list. Wolken says that the Aggies have hit rock bottom.

When (Jimbo) Fisher was hired away from Florida State, he was handed a national championship plaque at his press conference with the date to be filled in. It was a symbolic gesture, but also a suggestive one. He was hired to win. He isn’t winning. He’s losing — and losing big.

Paying more than $80 million for a coach to go away would be the height of lunacy in a sport that has long since lost its way. But it might not be as crazy as allowing this circus to continue indefinitely with no results to show for it.

That conundrum is why Texas A&M is No. 1 in this week’s Misery Index, a weekly measurement of which fan bases are feeling the most angst about the state of their programs.

Oklahoma, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Kentucky were also featured in this week’s “Misery Index” due to their respective losses.


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Story originally appeared on Auburn Wire