Texas Longhorns drop to No. 25 in updated AP Poll

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If Texas’ game against Oklahoma ended at halftime, the Longhorns would have been one of the top teams in the country this week.

Unfortunately for them, there were two more quarters to play, and rather than building on the tremendous momentum, they flopped. The Longhorns were once up 28-7, and would go on to lose by a touchdown, 55-48.

This was a game that could have helped the previously No. 21 ranked Texas skyrocket into the top-10, but after blowing their lead against No. 6 Oklahoma, some might consider them lucky to still be in the AP Poll’s updated Top 25.

There were some major upsets on Saturday, so the polls look extremely different in comparison to weeks prior.

Here is the full poll:

  1. Georgia

  2. Iowa

  3. Cincinatti

  4. Oklahoma

  5. Alabama

  6. Ohio State

  7. Penn State

  8. Michigan

  9. Oregon

  10. Michigan State

  11. Kentucky

  12. Oklahoma State

  13. Ole Miss

  14. Notre Dame

  15. Costal Carolina

  16. Wake Forrest

  17. Arkansas

  18. Arizona State

  19. BYU

  20. Florida

  21. Texas A&M

  22. NC State

  23. SMU

  24. San Diego State

  25. Texas

Others receiving votes:

Auburn 106, Clemson 63, Baylor 62, UTSA 22, Mississippi State 7, Kansas State 3, Air Force 2, Appalachian State 2, Pittsburgh 1

For the first time all year, there is a new No. 1 as Alabama lost to Texas A&M in a very confusing game, giving Nick Saban his first loss to a former assistant ever. There is also Group of Five team, Cincinnati, in the top four, which if the playoff rankings started today would be the first time a Group of Five team has been in the College Football Playoff.

The Longhorns fell four spots to No. 25, which all things considered is fair. Looking at the first half the game they looked like a playoff contender, but when the second half came around, they struggled mightily. All things considered they went toe-to-toe with the No. 6 and now No. 4 Sooners.

Texas’ next matchup is against No. 12 Oklahoma State.