Texas and Iowa State prepare for a physical matchup on Tuesday

Caleb Grill is a popular player in Ames, Iowa. He isn’t all that popular in Austin, Texas.

Grill made waves in the Longhorns’ last meeting with the Cyclones in what appeared to be a cheap shot on Dillon Mitchell in midair. Not only was the play out of bounds, but it crossed an unspoken line that fellow competitors don’t cross. You don’t interfere with your opponent’s ability to land.

Ames faithful lauded Grill shortly after the play as he hit a pivotal three point basket. He won’t see much positive affirmation at the Moody Center.

Undoubtedly, Tuesday’s game could get chippy. Mitchell doesn’t seem like the type to retaliate, but his teammates probably won’t shy away from standing up for their freshman forward.

Aside from the tension that the last meeting’s incident provides, both teams are battling for NCAA Tournament positioning. Texas has little margin for error in its bid for a No. 1 seed. Iowa State is simply looking to stay on the top half of NCAA Tournament seeding.

Prepare for an emotionally charged game on Tuesday night.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire