Texas Football: List of prospects on campus for final summer official visit weekend

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June has been one of the most hectic months in the history of college football recruiting. With the NCAA dead period being lifted, prospects from both the 2022 and 2023 prospects were visiting college campuses like crazy. Most had official visits lined up for four consecutive weekends.

Texas was no different. Every single week, at least one priority target was on campus. Over the weekend of June 12, it was mostly juniors with players such as Arch Manning, Rueben Owens, and Johntay Cook on campus. Flash forward one week and Texas’ top needs in the 2022 class were seeing Austin on official trips.

Going into the final weekend of visits before another dead period, Steve Sarkisian and his staff will be hosting more important targets. Four-star safety Bryce Anderson will be in Austin following the State 7v7 tournament in College Station. Texas is attempting to close the gap with Texas A&M.

Two important offensive linemen will visit as well, but unofficially. Kyle Flood, alongside Bo Davis, will be upon the busiest members of Sarkisian’s staff.

Here are the prospects on campus for final summer official visit weekend:

TE Arlis Boardingham (Van Nuys, CA)

https://twitter.com/Arlisb42/status/1408517453500534785?s=20 247Sports rating: 0.8810 National: No. 472 Position: No. 40 State: No. 34

LB T.J. Dudley (Montgomery, AL)

https://twitter.com/ChadSimmons_/status/1408099982377431045?s=20 247Sports rating: 0.9207 National: 199 Position: 23 State: 9

DL Keahnist Thompson (Lakeland, FL)

https://twitter.com/LonghornsWire/status/1373697416042483712?s=20 247Sports rating: 0.8851 National: No. 423 Position: No. 61 State: No. 59

DL Justice Finkley (Trussville, AL)

https://twitter.com/JusticeFinkley/status/1408415147622809601?s=20 247Sports rating: 0.9470 National: No. 128 Position: No. 21 State: No. 6

DL K.J. Miles (Jersey City, NJ)

https://twitter.com/LonghornsWire/status/1397667903638474756?s=20 247Sports rating: 0.8925 National: No. 350 Position: No. 50 State: No. 4

DL Aaron Bryant (Southaven, MS)

https://twitter.com/Aaron_Bryant55/status/1408454258270392324?s=20 247Sports rating: 0.8837 National: No. 452 Position: No. 68 State: No. 10

OL Cameron Williams (Dallas, TX)

https://twitter.com/BigCamWill/status/1408505611608858643?s=20 247Sports rating: 0.8841 National: No. 440 Position: No. 43 State: No. 61

Edge J'mond Tapp (Donaldsonville, LA)

https://twitter.com/samspiegs/status/1407711022216007685?s=20 247Sports rating: 0.9490 National: No. 25 Position: No. 6 State: No. 8

CB Jaylon Guilbeau (Port Arthur, TX) (Committed)

https://twitter.com/jaylonguilbeau1/status/1407104589124542468?s=20 247Sports rating: 0.9449 National: No. 193 Position: No. 17 State: No. 28

CB Austin Jordan (Denton, TX)

https://twitter.com/ezmoneyaust/status/1408423502999437325?s=20 247Sports rating: 0.9920 National: No. 196 Position: No. 10 State: No. 33

DL Jaray Bledsoe (Bremond, TX)

https://twitter.com/GMofCFB/status/1408497722064314373?s=20 247Sports rating: 0.9499 National: No. 119 Position: No. 20 State: No. 24

S Bryce Anderson (Beaumont, TX)

https://twitter.com/justinwells2424/status/1408494988938428416?s=20 247Sports rating: 0.9792 National: No. 47 Position: No. 3 State: No. 11

RB Jamarion Miller (Tyler, TX)

https://twitter.com/LonghornsWire/status/1407745020438982663?s=20 247Sports rating: 0.9303 National: No. 172 Position: No. 14 State: No. 31

IOL Devon Campbell (Bowie, TX) (Unofficial)

https://twitter.com/MikeRoach247/status/1407778212269207558?s=20 247Sports rating: 0.9937 National: No. 10 Position: No. 1 State: No. 3

IOL Earnest Greene (Bellflower, CA) (Unofficial)

https://twitter.com/EarnestGreene_/status/1408427800529358858?s=20 247Sports rating: 0.9748 National: No. 57 Position: No. 2 State: No. 3