Texas DT Byron Murphy is confident he'll go in the first half of Round 1

Texas defensive tackle Byron Murphy is feeling confident that his name will be called before the first round is half over on Thursday night.

“I’ve been hearing that I won’t go later than 16,” Murphy told the Dallas Morning News.

The betting odds agree with that assessment: Murphy's draft position over-under is 14.5, with the under a -154 favorite at FanDuel. In other words, he's more likely than not to go within the first 14 picks. Murphy is highly likely to be the first defensive tackle drafted, and he says the team that takes him is going to be glad.

“With my style of play, I feel like nobody can play like me,” he said. “Nobody can do the things I do. I feel like I’m one of a kind. My tape speaks for itself.”

And Roger Goodell will speak his name before the halfway point of the first round, if what Murphy is hearing proves true.