Texas basketball’s two biggest holes on the roster ahead of 2022

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Although the college basketball season is still a ways away, it seems that the Longhorns are really struggling to finish their roster construction for year two under Chris Beard.

While they are close to have a complete roster in terms of numbers, they are not close to having a roster that addresses all of their weaknesses from this past season.

As we saw during their second round loss to Purdue in the most recent March Madness tournament, and practically all season, the Longhorns struggled with guarding bigger players and shooting from beyond the arc.

They will likely be looking to the transfer portal to fill the remaining roster spots, but even with their strong No. 6 recruiting class and players like Marcus Carr and Timmy Allen returning, this team still might have the same issues in 2022.

Beard is recruiting players that best fit his system, which is important, but it seems that Texas has missed out on a couple opportunities to land players that can fit the system while also addressing a need.

Let’s take a look at the two biggest holes currently on the roster starting with someone who can consistently drill a three ball.

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Three Point Shooting

This past season, the Longhorns struggled mightily with shooting beyond the arc. They ranked No. 228 in terms of three point percentage, and while five-star guard Arterio Morris and four-star Rowan Brumbaugh are incoming can both shoot it a little, there were proven three point shooters available in the portal.

Based on reports, they have been in the mix for Iowa State guard Tyrese Hunter who was the Big 12 freshman of the year and plays great defense, which would help make up for the loss of Courtney Ramey, but Hunter struggled with his shooting. He made his threes at 27% clip, which will not help the Longhorns’ spacing or scoring efforts.

Beard and the Longhorns need to pursue a player like Missouri State transfer Isiaih Mosley who shot 42% from three on nearly five attempts a game. He also showed the ability to be a volume scorer averaging 20 points per game last season. They could also pursue Antoine Davis out of Detroit Mercy, who will finish his career as one of college basketball’s best three point shooters, and scorers ever.

Another issue this team may have with Carr returning, the transferring of Sir’Jabari Rice, and the incoming recruits is a log jam in the backcourt. Beard may have shot himself in the foot by not already nabbing a solid shooter, and this team may not be improving upon their three point shooting.

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A Dominant Big Man

We saw it against Gonzaga early in the season, and we saw it as their season ended against Purdue. The Longhorns didn’t have a post player that could contribute on offense, while also guard opposing team’s big men. The Longhorns were severely undersized this past season, and is currently stands are just as small.

The closest thing to that is Dylan Disu who was recovering all year from an injury, or Christian Bishop who just isn’t big enough. Five-star Dillon Mitchell is renowned for his defensive ability, but standing in at 6-foot-7 and 200 pounds he will likely get tossed around by bigger players.

The Longhorns had a chance to land the best big man in the portal in Utah Valley center Fardaws Aimaq, but theyend up playing against them as he committed to Texas Tech. He would have been the perfect fit, as he could dominant on both ends while also spacing the floor. The Longhorn’s offense was very mid-range heavy this past season, and that was mostly due to the fact they struggled to penetrate.

Texas has reportedly been in the mix for Louisiana Tech transfer Kenneth Lofton, but he struggles defensively at the mid-major level and would likely be worse in the Big 12. The Longhorns could go extreme and pursue 7-foot-5 center out of Western Kentucky, Jamarion Sharp, or they could possibly pursue one of the Washington State big men in Efe Abogidi who is an athletic big man that can defend, or Mouhamed Gueye who can stretch the floor a tad.

Regardless of who it is, the Longhorns need a post presence otherwise they will struggle this next season and will fall short of any expectations.