Texas AD Chris Del Conte shares preferences over game times

Recent game time announcements for the Texas Longhorns and other college football programs have caused a stir on social media. Disagreements over this year’s game times are nothing new, but no less impassioned now than in the past.

The Longhorns’ athletic director Chris Del Conte had some hand in the decision for Texas to play Oklahoma at 2:30 p.m. CT, but he shared to Orangebloods’ Anwar Richardson that his influence over game times isn’t as prevalent as some might think. Del Conte doesn’t pick the game times.

“I would prefer to flip it and have late games in the fall and earlier games in November, but we don’t have our druthers. I wish I could say I did that. But I have no juice on that.”

For all the discussion about Texas’ perceived tendency to throw its weight around, the Longhorns are still playing the Michigan Wolverines at 11 a.m. CT on the road for Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff among other undesirable time slots. Texas will play Colorado State in the hottest time of day to open the season at 2:30 p.m. CT on Aug. 31.

Somebody is making the game time decisions, but it isn’t Del Conte. Texas will look to open the season with a strong performance against Colorado State.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire