Texans vs. Jets second quarter recap: Houston holds onto 14-11 lead

Texans vs. Jets first quarter recap

Texans 3rd drive (5 plays, 24 yards, 2:47) — [continued] QB Tyrod Taylor took another sack to open up the second quarter, but quickly found redemption on the ensuing play as he connected with rookie TE Brevin Jordan for a 13-yard touchdown. Texans, 7-3

Jets 3rd drive (3 plays, -2, 1:02) — LB Zach Cunningham dropped RB Tevin Coleman for a 2-yard loss, and that set the tone for the Jets’ three-and-out.

Texans 4th drive (6 plays, 67 yards, 2:47) — The Texans offense found a way to beat the Jets blitz, and Houston was able to deal. Taylor connected with WR Brandin Cooks for a 40-yard touchdown on a third-and-11. CB Bryce Hall committed pass interference, but Houston declined. Texans, 14-3

Jets 4th drive (3 plays, 7 yards, 1:36) — The Texans defense continues to shut down the New York offense as they generate another three-and-out.

Texans 5th drive (3 plays, 3 yards, 2:21) — The Texans aren’t able to get any offense going, and Taylor took a sack on second down. DT John Franklin-Myers continues to be disruptive. Houston went three-and-out.

Jets 5th drive (10 plays, 70 yards, 5:19) — Texans DT Jaleel Johnson ripped the helmet off QB Zach Wilson via face mask as he flew by attempting a sack. The 15-yard penalty moved New York up to the 50-yard line. On a third-and-9 from the Houston 26-yard line, former Texans TE Ryan Griffin caught a 10-yard pass to pick up a key first down. RB Austin Walter rushed for a 2-yard touchdown. New York went for two with QB Josh Johnson subbing for Wilson and rushing for two. Texans, 14-11

Texans 6th drive (6 plays, 17 yards, 1:09) — With 1:13 to go until halftime and two timeouts, Houston had a chance to put points on the board. On a third-and-1 from the Texans’ 46-yard line, Houston runs a jet sweep with WR Chris Moore, who gets dropped for a loss. Houston punts the ball away, and it was dicey as a Jets defender deflected the, although it did manage to get 32 yards net.

Jets 6th drive (1 play, -1 yard, 0:00) — Wilson took a knee to get to halftime.



Taylor: 12/17, 134 yards, 2 TDs, INT, 4 sacks

David Johnson: 8 carries, 31 yards; 2 catches, 16 yards

Brandin Cooks: 2 catches, 41 yards, TD

Brevin Jordan: 2 catches, 17 yards, TD


Wilson: 6/12, 44 yards, INT

Tevin Coleman: 6 carries, 31 yards

Austin Walter: 3 carries, 16 yards, TD