Texans troll Jaguars with ‘script’ joke on social media

The Houston Texans picked up their first win of the season Sunday, handily beating the Jacksonville Jaguars, 37-17, at EverBank Stadium. It was a giant step in the wrong direction for the Jaguars, who seemed convinced in the lead up to the game their execution issues would be in the rearview mirror.

While it was an unexpected result to the Jaguars and viewers alike, maybe it shouldn’t have been. Weren’t the Jaguars the team that worked with actor Asher Grodman and coach “Pug Dederson” to script the 2023 season?

So a day after the embarrassing loss, the Texans rubbed a little salt in the wound with a dig on social media.

For context, the Jaguars select one lucky fan to play a video game of sorts on the massive scoreboard screens over the end zone. The fan controls team mascot Jaxson de Ville in a boxing game matched up against a figure in the opposing team’s uniform. Inevitably, the back-and-forth bout ends with Jaxson pulling away and beating his opponent.

The video posted by the Texans showed a snippet of the Jaguars’ production team giving the game a test run hours before kickoff.

Jacksonville’s social media team has done plenty of trolling of its own over the years. All’s fair in love and football.

Story originally appeared on Jaguars Wire