Texans trade up to select Anderson at No. 3

After getting their quarterback of the future in C.J. Stroud at No. 2, the Houston Texans move up to take Alabama edge rusher Will Anderson at No. 3.

Video Transcript

MIKE FLORIO: Well, the first real surprise of the night happened with pick number 3. We expected the Cardinals to trade down, we didn't expect the Texans to trade up. They get back to back, number 2 and number 3. With number 2, they get their quarterback in CJ Stroud. Number 3, they get Alabama edge rusher Will Anderson Jr.

There were thoughts maybe he would slip behind Tyree Wilson. There was a thought that maybe he was rated a little too highly. Chris Simms wasn't a big believer in Will Anderson. DeMeco Ryans, the Texans coach, and GM Nick Caserio clearly were.

And the Cardinals got a lot to fall from 3 to number 12, and it's smart. This is a team that's done a bunch of stupid things, frankly, over the course of the last year, starting with the Kyler Murray homework clause in his long term contract. But to get more lottery tickets, more opportunities to make your team better, extra first round pick next year, more stuff this year, more players that will come in and help your team-- you never know who's going to hit, you never know who's going to miss. The more lottery ticket you have, the better chance you have to have a great team around your franchise quarterback that you hope will be there for a long time.

Now, the Texans hope that both CJ Stroud and Will Anderson will be the anchors of their team for many years to come as they try to turn things around. It is funny, the two most dysfunctional teams in the NFL right now, the Texans and Cardinals, are the ones who do business at number 3. We'll see how it works out for both of them moving forward.