Texans special teams coach Frank Ross says DeMeco Ryans excels at connection

Everyone has been older than Frank Ross.

Whether the Houston Texans special team coordinator was getting his break in the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts and Frank Reich or serving under David Culley and Lovie Smith the past two seasons in Houston, the coaches ranged from big brother to father figures.

DeMeco Ryans is in a new category. The Texans’ sixth coach in team history is three years older than the 36-year-old Ross. For once, someone who is a peer is Ross’ boss.

However, Ross does not mind the age gap — or lack thereof.

“Doesn’t matter about necessarily age, but the one part about the NFL is that it keeps everybody young,” Ross told reporters Aug. 24. “We’re all out here faking like we have jobs, but we get to just play a game for fun so I guess age doesn’t really necessarily matter in that regard.”

What Ross has noticed as he has worked with Ryans is the former Pro Bowl linebacker’s ability to relate.

Said Ross: “The guy has the ability to connect with any human there is, so whether that’s talking about the nitty gritty all the way down to the x’s and o’s, the operation, or whether it’s just having a conversation.”

Even though Ross and Ryans are close in age, the special teams coach still sees an opportunity to grow and learn.

“So far, it’s been nothing but fantastic learning from him, a guy who has done it at the highest level, a guy that’s done it,” said Ross. “I mean I’m going to be all ears and anytime he is speaking I’m going to have my antennas up listening. Just trying to absorb as much as I can from his knowledge.”

Story originally appeared on Texans Wire