Texans rookie S Jalen Pitre lives up to hype against the Saints

Houston Texans second-round safety Jalen Pitre continued his impressive play in the club’s 17-13 win over the New Orleans Saints Saturday night.

The Baylor product earned the starting strong safety job due to his knack for teleporting to the football, and Pitre continued to set the tone inside NRG Stadium.

The nearby Stafford High School standout finished with five solo tackles and one tackle for loss, bringing down Saints running back Dwayne Washington after bursting into the backfield like a heat-seeking missile.

Coach Lovie Smith will want to showcase this play in their film review of the game, as it speaks to his coaching philosophy. As a defense, Houston is being taught to aggressively fly towards the football and attack — Pitre is tailor-made to lead this play style.

On numerous occasions, the Texans safety would appear out of nowhere, teleporting from off the television screen to which ever Saints’ player had the ball. Pitre was also dangerously close to an interception off a tipped ball, which was hauled in by cornerback Tremon Smith instead.

This play illustrates how Pitre’s football instincts and explosive athleticism put him in the right position to make plays. Much like how a magnet is drawn to metal, Pitre is drawn to the football.

While the rookie safety only played a few drives for the first-team defense, it was evident that he more than just belonged, but even thrived. Continuous positive progression is the goal for all of Houston’s young core players and Pitre will have another chance to build off this electric debut at the Los Angeles Rams on Aug. 19.

Story originally appeared on Texans Wire