Texans owner Janice McNair fighting to stop son’s claim that she’s ‘incapacitated’

The family that owns the Houston Texans is locked in a court battle amongst themselves.

Recently unsealed court documents revealed Robert Cary McNair Jr. filed applications to become the guardian of his mother, Janice McNair, who is the principal owner of the team, according to the Associated Press. McNair Jr.’s application claims that his 87-year-old mother should be declared “incapacitated” and that he should become her legal guardian.

Attorneys for Janice McNair and her son Cal McNair –who is chairman and CEO of the Texans – wrote in court documents that the two were “shocked” by Cary McNair’s “drastic and unwarranted measures of alleging his mother is incapacitated, seeking to terminate her rights and appoint himself as her guardian to control her personal, financial, and medical decisions.”

The application was reportedly made in November in Harris County, Texas.

Texans spokesman Omar Majzoub told the AP that the team had no comment on the situation, and attorneys for the McNairs did not respond to the AP’s email requests for comment, either.

Janice McNair became the principal owner of the team in 2018 after he husband, Robert “Bob” McNair, died in 2018. Cal McNair has been chairman since 2018 and CEO since 2019.

The Texans will take on the Cleveland Browns in the wildcard round of the AFC playoffs on Jan. 13.

Story originally appeared on Texans Wire