Terry McLaurin says there 'wasn't too much talking' from defense after his big touchdown

Ryan Homler
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McLaurin says there 'wasn't too much talking' after his big touchdown originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

As so often happens in football, Washington wide receiver Terry McLaurin found himself in a back-and-forth of words and some shoving with Dallas Cowboys rookie cornerback Trevon Diggs in the second quarter of Sunday's game.

According to McLaurin, it wasn't a personal spout, but rather just two competitors going at it.

“I’m a competitive person as well, for the most part I’m pretty calm throughout the game," McLaurin said. "When you kind of poke at me a little bit, it kind of ups my play and energy a little bit more."

The second-year wide receiver quickly showed that Diggs only fueled him, as he torched the cornerback on the next play for a 52-yard score

Even before McLaurin lined up across from the rookie for what would be a long touchdown, he already somewhat had an idea that he could potentially get some payback sooner rather than later. He knew the deep ball would be there, it was just about execution.

"It just so happened that next play was being called. So, I knew we were going to get the look," McLaurin said. "I knew he was going to be sitting. I just wanted to clear his hands when I got to the junction point. Kyle threw a great ball, O-Line held up great. I just wanted to run under it and make a play for our team."

He did just that, and after McLaurin left Diggs in the dust on his way to the endzone, there wasn't much chirping coming from the other side.

“Nah, nah it wasn’t too much after that," McLaurin said of the talking from Diggs.


The wide receiver said the two met up after the game, showing mutual respect for one another's fire and competitive drive. 

McLaurin is also aware that hearing some words from opposing defenders won't be a one-time thing. In just his second year, the wideout has already demonstrated that he is Washington's most-talented weapon, and there is an argument to be made that he's one of the top players at his position.

That means he'll constantly be getting the best shot from the other team's best coverage member of the secondary.

"I’m gonna bring it every week and I know I’m going to get the DBs best shot as well," McLaurin said. "I’m going to try and keep a cooler head, but I’m a really competitive guy."