Terrell Owens, 46 years old, raced Tyreek Hill and kept it surprisingly close

Maybe Terrell Owens could still play a little bit.

Owens has been lobbying for a return since he left the NFL, and has found no takers. Since he’ll turn 47 in December, he probably won’t.

Give the Hall of Fame receiver this: He’s still in better shape than just about everyone else on the planet.

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Owens raced Tyreek Hill, the Kansas City Chiefs receiver who is recognized as one of the fastest players in the NFL and has also considered trying to make the Olympics. He has tremendous speed. And again, Owens is 46.

Given that, T.O. didn’t do that bad (the race is at about 16:40 of this YouTube clip that was posted on Hill’s channel):

To finish 3-4 yards behind Hill in a race isn’t too bad for anyone, much less a guy who is nearing 50. There are probably some receivers currently in the NFL who couldn’t keep it that close. Hill won the race, but Owens being that fast might be the most impressive thing about that clip.

Owens, a five-time All-Pro, last played in 2010 with the Cincinnati Bengals. He scored nine touchdowns in 14 games at age 37. He has always been a physical marvel and has kept it up in retirement, perhaps just in case some NFL team took him up on his offer to play again.

It would be fascinating to see some team give Owens a shot, like the Hartford Whalers employing Gordie Howe at 51 years old or the Kansas City Athletics letting Satchel Paige pitch three scoreless innings at age 58. Don’t say you wouldn’t tune in to watch.

Terrell Owens can still run a bit. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)
Terrell Owens can still run a bit. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

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