Tentative All-Star Game voting results are here

The second round of NBA All-Star Game voting is in, and you probably won't be surprised at who the fans have voted to start for this February's midseason classic:

Out East, the fans would like to see Dwyane Wade(notes) and Rajon Rondo(notes) at the guards, with LeBron James(notes), Kevin Garnett(notes) and Dwight Howard(notes) up front. Pretty fearsome, and despite Rondo and KG's recent injury woes, pretty accurate.

Out West is a bit flightier. Kobe Bryant(notes) and Chris Paul(notes) would start in a backcourt for the ages, but Yao Ming(notes) is slated to start at center, with Carmelo Anthony(notes) and Kevin Durant(notes) up front.

Two out of the last three are a big miss, which is why we're glad voting doesn't end until late January.

We'll get into our picks for the team when, say, nearly a half-season has been put together, but Yao (who is out for the year, and played just a week's worth of hoops to start it) is clearly the wrong choice. Kevin Durant deserves an All-Star nod, as he continues to score like a mad man, but he struggled overall to start the year. Carmelo Anthony certainly hasn't been playing better basketball than Dirk Nowitzki(notes), Pau Gasol(notes) (who we'd love to see listed as a center, NBA, if you could be a bit more flexible), Blake Griffin(notes), or Kevin Love(notes).

There's still time to remedy that, of course. And still time to get the word out about the reserves in order to sway the usually way-way wrong assistant coaches that vote to fill out the All-Star benches. Because players like Love and Griffin should not be penalized for having to share court time with Wayne Ellington(notes) or Rasual Butler(notes).

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