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After her victory at the U.S. Open on Monday night, Caroline Wozniacki had some fun imitating the leg cramps suffered by Rafael Nadal the day before.

To listen to the reactions of some people you'd think she was making fun of somebody who slumped under the table because he was having a heart attack. The guy had some leg cramps! They didn't have to amputate them. I got a charley horse in bed a few weeks back. It hurt, but it wasn't like it was so affecting an experience that watching someone imitate it on camera brought back raw memories of my midnight suffering.

[Video: Rafael Nadal collapses at postmatch news conference]

Sometimes I think people in the tennis world are a little too sensitive. Andy Roddick doesn't like getting called out by announcers. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal don't find Novak Djokovic's impersonations to be very funny. A number of women's players have relationships with one another that have all the emotional maturity of an episode of "Jersey Shore." Get a sense of humor about things, people. Caroline didn't mean any disrespect.

My only problem with Wozniacki's joke is that she didn't go for the full sell. If you're going to mock Nadal's cramping, which was visually hilarious once you knew the circumstances, fall under the table next time.

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Busted Racquet

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