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Tennis journeyman Michael Yani made one of the biggest splashes of his career this week when a diving shot he hit during a Dallas challenger was featured on "SportsCenter."

You won't find me complaining about a clip from a challenger tournament getting on "SportsCenter." Throw in the fact that the shot was hit by the 30-year-old American, who's currently ranked No. 336 in the world, and it's even better. Here's the thing though: The shot wasn't that amazing. (Ducks from readers throwing debris.) The effort, athleticism and balance were spectacular, but it just felt a little Derek Jeter-esque. Yani made a moderately-difficult point look spectacular because he was caught a little flat-footed. It's like when Jeter makes a routine play look impossible because he has less range than Britney Spears. No disrespect to Yani. He's been in the top 150 before; I'm sure he has a great, diving shot in his arsenal. This wasn't one of them.

Good shot, yes. Great shot, perhaps. Worthy of a top 10 of the day clip and national hype? Probably not. Either way though, it's still pretty cool.

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Busted Racquet

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