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Video: Roddick’s U.S. Open outburst forces match to move courts

At first, Andy Roddick did a fine job of keeping his cool. He had discovered a bubble caused by seeping water near the baseline of the court at Louis Armstrong Stadium and patiently listened as tournament referee Brian Earley vowed to fix the problem. Roddick and his opponent, David Ferrer, were sent off the court and waited 45 minutes while officials ensured the court was safe and dry.

It wasn't until Roddick and Ferrer returned to the court that the American lost his temper. Upon realizing the court still wasn't fixed, Roddick blew up at Earley, wondering why he and Ferrer were still on the court and how the U.S. Open could allow a match to be played under such conditions. Then he walked off the court, demanding the match be moved.

Classic Roddick.

The bubble was caused by the massive amount of rain that fell in New York over the past two days. Roddick and Ferrer were originally scheduled to play Tuesday night but had their match delayed more than 40 hours because of the weather.

After blowing up at Earley, the conversation moved to a hallway inside Armstrong Stadium.

"I realize that you may not be playing on consecutive days but the winner of us is going to have to," Roddick snapped at Earley. "So at a certain point that has to take precedence over what people can watch."

When he overheard Earley suggest Court 13 to someone on the phone, Roddick interrupted.

"Do the thing," he said. "Let's just go play. Let's go play. Thirteen. Let's go play."

The match resumed minutes later on the outside court. Before his match against Ferrer began, Roddick hadn't played a U.S. Open match oustide the 23,000-seat Arthur Ashe Stadium in nine years. Court 13 is decidedly smaller. It has seating capacity for 584 fans.

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