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Thanks to her victory at last week's Italian Open, Maria Sharapova enters the French Open as one of the favorites in the wide open women's draw. Her deal with Tiffany & Co. ensures she'll have some of the nicest jewelry as well.

Sharapova will wear a pair of $3,200 diamond earrings made by the venerable American jeweler during matches at the year's second Grand Slam. The cobblestone earrings feature rose-cut diamonds set in platinum.

"These earrings sparkle with every movement and they are so lightweight which makes them perfect to wear on the court," Sharapova said in a statement that was clearly her own words and not something written by a public relations team at Tiffany.

Though it's a hefty price, it might not seem like much compared to the $525,000 watch Rafael Nadal wears on the court. Unlike Nadal's Richard Mille timepiece, though, Sharapova's Tiffany earrings are designed to sell to the general public; or the public that spends $3,200 on earrings, that is.

Between the earrings and her quarter-million dollar engagement ring (see below) from New Jersey Nets guard Sasha Vujacic, Sharapova should be the most blinged-out player at Roland Garros. Unless Roger Federer shows up with his diamond grills again.

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Busted Racquet

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