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While watching the Wimbledon final earlier this month, a friend commented that she couldn't figure out how Serena Williams managed to play tennis with such decorative and long fingernails. It's hard enough to go through a normal day with fragile nails, she claimed, let alone while playing at the highest level of sports.

In the August issue of Vogue, Serena explains how she's able to play with those long nails, who sparked her interest in them and how she plans to turn giving manicures into a post-tennis career. It's a fun read that shows the lighter side of Serena. Some of the highlights from the piece:

1. Serena travels with a Hello Kitty nail caddy

2. Forehands are tougher on her nails than backhands. (Take note, WTA Tour.)

3. Red is her favorite nail color. She doesn't wear blue because it's not good against her skin.

4. Because she believes that nails shouldn't be used as tools, Serena doesn't open doors. If Common wasn't chivalrous before, he almost certainly is now. 

5.  After completing her certification as a nail technician (she's almost finished), Serena wants to open a salon in Palm Beach. Could it be long before a "Match Point" (her name, not mine) comes to a city near you?

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Busted Racquet

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