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A scary moment happened to one of the favorites at this year's U.S. Open, and it wasn't anywhere close to a tennis court when it went down. Defending champion Rafael Nadal was taking questions after his straight-set win over David Nalbandian on Sunday when he started to grimace, only to collapse under the microphone desk.

[Video: How to hit the ball like Rafael Nadal]

The interview room was cleared, and after 10 minutes, reporters were allowed back in. Nadal assured everyone he was OK, and it was just cramps, but he needed ice packs for his legs and was in what looked like serious pain. Watch below.

This all went down after Nadal had a trainer come out during his match after complaining of blisters on his feet, and if there is one thing that could hold Nadal back from winning his second straight U.S. Open that isn't Novak Djokovic, it could be his lingering health issues.

As Nadal said, things are good right now, but it's something we should keep an eye on as the competition gets stiffer and the weather stays muggy.

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Busted Racquet

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