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Justine Henin won the Porsche Grand Prix this weekend and, appropriately, received a Porsche Boxster Spyder for her efforts. This easily makes that tournament's winner's gift the best on either tour. A quick search didn't turn up what the prize is at the end of this fall's HP Open, but there aren't enough color-printer cartridges in the world to outdo a Porsche, expensive as it is.

But does she keep the car? This is the second time Henin has won the tournament and it's not like she doesn't have enough money to buy multiple Porsches. Still, that's a pretty sweet whip. 

A lot of times when athletes win cars as part of prizes, they make a deal to donate them to charity. LeBron James has done so the past two years when he received Kias for winning the NBA MVP Award (this year he immediately gave his Kia Sorrento to a patient care facility in Ohio). In theory, Henin could donate this car, but what sort of practical function would a Porsche have for a charity? There's no backseat and the insurance costs would be sky-high. And unless your charity is giving money to the state through speeding tickets, this car probably doesn't fit a need.

In related news, Henin's win was the first of her comeback and finally vaults her into the top 20 of the WTA rankings. She is at No. 19.

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Busted Racquet

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