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One day after details of his crystal meth use rocked the sports world, Andre Agassi broke his silence and explained why he chose to write his controversial autobiography "Open".  Although this was most likely taped before the excerpts were released yesterday, the video still provides a glimpse into what possessed the eight-time Grand Slam champion to write such a revealing, personal book:

The key line:

"I was brutally honest about myself. I detail my misguided rebellions, my regrettable tantrums, my frustrations and distractions and bad decisions, which in a few instances nearly ended in catastrophe ... I felt that my story was one from which many people could learn."

Other details are slowly emerging ahead of the book's Nov. 9 release date. Most important, it seems that the crystal meth use wasn't an isolated incident. The AP quotes Agassi as writing that he used it "a lot". Instead of being a function of his 1997 slump, it's now becoming apparent that the meth use could have been a cause of it instead.

Agassi also writes of how he "hates" tennis and provides frightening details about his "violent" father, including a recollection of a car ride in which he pointed a gun at another man. He bitterly details how after his win at Wimbledon in 1992, the first thing his father said was, "you had no business losing that fourth set."

Four excerpts will be available in the coming days, with Sports Illustrated, People and The Times of London among the publications who paid for rights to print parts of the book.

So far, the PR blitz is working. When our first post about Agassi was published yesterday, "Open" stood at No. 493 on Amazon.com's bestseller list. As of 9:15 p.m. ET on Wednesday, it's at No. 11.

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Busted Racquet

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