Tennessee High School Softball Players Clinch State Championship 23 Years After Their Mothers Won

"I’m a state champion. Not many people can say that!”

<p>Courtesy Courtney West</p> Courtesy Courtney West

Courtesy Courtney West

Courtesy Courtney West

Three Tennessee teenagers are celebrating winning the high school softball state championship - 23 years after their mothers did.

Sophomores Kaylor West, Addi Kiser, and Hailey Langston claimed the same victory for Liberty Creek High School late last month that their moms, Courtney West, Brittney Kiser and Courtney Langston claimed for Beech High School in 2001.

That's an impressive six state titles for three families spanning two generations.

“You don’t realize it when you first win the championship. You’re excited, and then as you get older, you’re like, ‘I’m a state champion.’ Not many people can say that!” Courtney Langston, who won in 2001, told Nashville affiliate WKRN.

Feeling victory in their grasp, the younger softballers said they started counting outs in the sixth inning.

“I looked at [Kaylor] and I was like, ‘There’s only three more outs!’ And she was like, ‘I know!’ And I was like, ‘This is crazy!’” Hailey Langston said.

“Every out we were just like, ‘One more, two more,’” Addi Kiser said.

“From nine (outs left), we started counting down,” Kaylor West said.

As for how it feels playing in a softball state championship versus supporting your child playing in one, Kaylor's mom Courtney said it's a lot more nerve-racking as a parent.

"I was never a nervous player or a coach, but it was hardest it's ever been was being the mom in the stands," Courtney West told Southern Living.

She had nothing to worry about, though. Kaylor pitched a perfect game to secure the win. The team ran out to the field to celebrate, raising the trophy above their heads, just like their moms did a couple of decades ago.

But while state championships are worth celebrating, both generations of ladies say there are more important things than titles earned on the diamond.

"Friendships are really what it’s about,” Kaylor West said. The elder moms agree.

"It’s the friendships; 23 years later, we’re still friends, and we get to experience it with our girls. Hopefully it’ll be the same with them,” Brittney Kiser said.

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