A teenager's cousin suffered from cancer, so he turned her struggle into a call to action

California native Dylan Mapston has always had a passion for soccer. Growing up, the 16-year-old, who moved to Phoenix about 10 years ago, was — and still is — a huge fan of the MLS team the Portland Timbers. What started off as a hobby, however, would soon manifest itself in Mapston’s other passion — giving back to his family and the community. Several years ago, Mapston learned that both of his aunts on his maternal and paternal sides of the family were diagnosed with breast cancer. To honor them, he’d wear a pink jersey at his games. when the teenager learned that his then-2-year-old cousin in Portland, Ore., was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on her spine in 2016, he decided to step up his efforts. Mapston founded Keepers Care for Kids. the teenager has collected thousands of toys for hospitals across the country. He’s also donated toys to foster children. Mapston said he takes joy in helping others through their challenges