Teenager stirs controversy with ‘selfish’ demand after parents have new baby: ‘They shouldn’t be forcing me’

Emerald Pellot
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A teenage girl is refusing to rehome her cat at her parent’s request. 

She asked Reddit “Am I the A******” forum for help. The 17-year-old was in foster care and then moved in with her birth parents when she was 15. She has had a kitten for years that helped her deal with anxiety and panic attacks, but the problem is that her parents have a newborn who is severely allergic to the cat. The teen is refusing to find a new home for the animal even though her sibling is always sick

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“I’m not going to get into it because it’s a long story, but I only just started living with my parents in 2019, when I was 15,” the Reddit poster explained. “Before I moved in with my parents, I got a kitten because my foster parents thought it would calm me down to have something to care for. I bonded quickly and she helped me a lot with adjusting. My parents have had a baby since I’ve moved in, and they’ve just found out that the baby is allergic to cats and not just a little bit, so now they want me to rehome or even take my cat to the shelter.” 

The teenager refused to rehome the cat and it caused a rift with her parents. 

“I can’t get rid of my cat,” she wrote. “I hate to say this, but she’s MY baby and I love her more than anyone. She has calmed me down from more panic attacks than I can count. I can’t just throw her away because now she’s inconvenient. I can’t picture life without her. I make sure to only keep her in my room and don’t let her into common areas but it’s not enough and the baby is almost always sick. My therapist is involved and has said that they shouldn’t be forcing me to give up my cat because it would be very bad for me, so they say it’s my choice, but they tell me that it’s my fault for keeping the cat and that I am being selfish for wanting to keep the baby sick.”

Reddit users sympathized with the teen but felt the cat needed to go. 

“You insist on keeping the cat despite knowing it is harmful for the baby,” someone commented. 

“A baby cannot breathe comfortably. The cat needs to go,” another wrote.

“You’re literally putting a human’s life at risk,” a user wrote.  

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