Teenager comes out to her mom through TikTok dance trend: 'It took a lot of courage'

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A teenager is going viral after sharing the creative way she chose to come out as bisexual to her mom.The young woman, who goes by the username tesslaanselme on TikTok, posted the clip with the caption, “I came out to my mom” .In the video, the TikToker reveals that she shared that information by dancing to a remix of “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion.Tesslaanselme’s mom is standing in the background of the clip, watching her daughter dance to the track...which has been altered to include lyrics about bisexuality.It’s originally unclear to judge the woman’s reaction, but tesslaanselme followed up in her video’s comments with more details.The TikToker wrote that her mom was supportive of the announcement, adding that she had a suspicion it was coming

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