Teen subway surfer dies in fall from F train in Brooklyn

NEW YORK — A teen boy died in a fall from a Coney Island-bound F train in Brooklyn on Friday afternoon in the first reported subway surfing death of 2024, MTA officials said.

Police were called to the elevated Avenue N station in Midwood above McDonald Ave. about 2:20 p.m., and medics pronounced the teen dead at the scene, said cops.

“Another innocent life has been lost, and it should not happen,” New York City Transit President Richard Davey said in a statement.

The teen was riding an F train with a friend when he fell to the tracks, said an MTA employee at the scene.

The teen’s friend continued to the next stop, and doubled back to Avenue N, where he spoke to police and firefighters, the MTA worker said.

People on McDonald Ave. saw blood in the street and then saw a sneaker fall from the tracks overhead, said Ernesto Galindo, who works at Vinnie’s Pizza.

“It was a red and white Nike,” Galindo said. “Then the fire department, the cops, and the ambulance came. It was chaos. We were in shock. We are still in shock.”

“I don’t know why the kids do these things. It’s so dangerous,” Galindo said.

Cops have recently been put in place to monitor hotspots for subway surfing during after school hours — but the F train has not previously attracted surfers, said sources familiar with enforcement efforts.

Police have been been monitoring elevated portions of the J/Z and No. 7 trains, the sources said.

“I implore parents to talk with their children and teachers to speak with their students — riding on top of subway trains is reckless, dumb, and the consequences can be lethal,” said Davey.

After the incident, F train service was suspended between Coney Island and Church Ave., the MTA said. Service was restored by about 4:30 p.m., but with delays.