Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham posts 'cringey' Instagram giveaway

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Leave it to Farrah Abraham to

turn a charitable giveaway into

something cringeworthy.

On April 23, the “Teen Mom” star took

to Instagram to share that she was

giving away her old prom dress.

There was a catch, though: In order

to win, you have to be a virgin.

“Celebrating a chastity belt of a year

in #prom2020 I dedicate my prom dress

to a prom2020 student keeping her

virginity & decreasing teen pregnancy!”

Abraham wrote. “Happy prom 2020”.

Abraham’s weird requirements for

the giveaway aren’t the only thing

about the post making people upset.

As many users have pointed out,

prom was canceled this year

due to the global pandemic.

“Didn’t they cancel all proms this

year? Dumb offering,” one person said.

“Kind of foolish when proms are

cancelled, maybe I’ll show this to

my daughter who’s crying her eyes

out about it,” another user commented.

“Wtf so CRINGEy”

a third person added.

Abraham is no stranger to controversy.

Not long ago, she angered fans by saying

that she “loved coronavirus season”

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