Teen finds her doppelgänger while scrolling through TikTok

Not too long ago, two girls went viral on TikTok for looking eerily similar and sharing the same birthday. And now, two other girls are blowing up on TikTok for also looking like identical twins. TikTok user @livydswagmoney made a duet of user @sky.iz.fly‘s video so people could see the uncanny resemblance. At first glance, it looks like @sky.iz.fly is simply duetting herself — that’s how similar the two girls look. “Why did I think this was a TikTok of [myself]?” @livydswagmoney asked. the resemblance is so eerie that even the girls can’t tell who’s who. Naturally, TikTok users were spooked after learning that the two girls in the video were not the same person, or even related. Still, people cannot comprehend that these two girls don’t know each other and are somehow not kin. “You guys sure you’re not long lost twins?” one person asked. “Someone was switched at birth,” another wrote. “This is wild,” a third added