Teen drops out of school to complete bucket list with his dying friend

Sweet Spot

Last year, Chris Betancourt was told he had two years to live after his leukemia returned. Dillon Hill, his best friend since the fourth grade, decided to leave college and start a bucket list they could complete together. The two have more than 100 items on the list. Betancourt, 20, tells People, “Our bucket list doesn’t have an end. We’re going to to keep adding to it.”

The friends are documenting their adventures on the website My Best Friend’s List. The BFFs have already flown an airplane, fed the homeless, gotten matching tattoos, and had a pillow fight with strangers. There’s still quite a few items to complete, including meeting Johnny Depp and breaking a world record.

Betancourt’s ultimate wish is to find a bone marrow match. Fans can go to their page and sign up to become donors. They can also make donations to help fund some bucket list items.

“I’m trying to remain hopeful and just keep on appreciating the small things in life,” Betancourt said. “Life is about enjoying the little things that most people take for granted. Because the next day, you never know when it could all be gone.”

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