Teen calls out Poshmark after getting 'robbed' of $1,150

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A teenager is going viral after claiming

she was “robbed” of more than $1,000

following a mishandled online sale.

The controversy began when Olivia Broberg,

a 19-year-old from Los Angeles, sold her

Chanel handbag for $1,150 on Poshmark,

an online marketplace.

According to a TikTok describing the ordeal, which

Broberg shared on May 7, the bag’s new owner claimed

the item was “damaged” when they received it.

They then proceeded to send the purchase back

to Broberg — before she got paid for the sale.

But when the teen got her returned handbag

in the mail, all she found was an empty box.

“Once I opened it there was this this paper

and a roll of tape,” she says in her TikTok.

“There was no bag inside”.

Broberg immediately filed “multiple claims”

with Poshmark, but her claim that the bag

was stolen was deemed “fraudulent.” The online

marketplace then suspended her account.

“After an investigation there is not enough

evidence to support your claim … You may

file a police report with your local police

department regarding this experience”.

That’s when Broberg took her issue to TikTok,

filming a now-viral video in which she explains

her side of the story and asks her followers to

help her get Poshmark’s attention.

“I literally lost $1,150 … Literally banned

my account, kept all my money and called

me a liar. This is theft my friends”.

The video ultimately earned the company’s

attention, as it later reached out to Broberg

again and agreed to grant her an income.

However, the situation isn’t fully resolved. The

bag’s buyer, who wished to remain anonymous,

told BuzzFeed they do not have the item and

simply returned it because it was scratched.

Broberg denies those claims.

Poshmark, meanwhile, claims that despite

that dispute, the case is now “closed”.

“We have proof the box was delivered …

Unfortunately, we don’t have proof of

what the buyer received or what the buyer

sent, so it’s a case closed situation”

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