Tee Higgins fantasy outlook

Yahoo Sports' Matt Harmon breaks down Tee Higgins and his potential impact on the Bengals.

Video Transcript

MATT HARMON: Bengals start off day 2 by taking Clemson wide receiver tee Higgins at the top of round two. And it's an exciting pick, because Joe Burrow, the number one overall pick in this draft, has a lot of toys to play with. If they keep AJ Green, maybe you can count on him for something here in 2020. But they've got Tyler Boyd, who's a solid number two interior receiver. John Ross flashed a little bit. Auden Tate, whenever he's healthy-- he popped a little bit last year.

And Higgins is a big strong possession receiver that can go up and get the football in contested situations. I really liken him to an old-school number two possession receiver. We don't see those too much in the NFL today, but I really like him as a guy who can move inside and outside be, very versatile. This receiver corps, honestly-- it's got a lot of talent. You've got Joe Mixon in the backfield. If he doesn't hold out, Joe Burrow is set up really well to succeed in Cincinnati.

And as for Tee Higgins' fantasy value in 2020, again, this is probably a guy that is not going to be highly productive, because he's got a lot of players to compete with. But remember, Auden Tate was a guy last year that wasn't on anyone's radar, but then injuries hit, and he stepped in. And Higgins is a much, much better prospect than Auden Tate was. So I think you keep him on your [? waiver ?] [? wire ?] speed dial and watch his progress early in the year and in the off-season.