Tee Grizzley Makes About $200K Per Month Playing Grand Theft Auto

Earlier this year, Tee Grizzley signed with gaming organization and lifestyle brand XSET. The Detroit rhymer took his role-playing Grand Theft Auto server, Grizzly World, to the masses, allowing paid members to join the online gaming community. Now, Grizzley is sharing just how much he makes playing the Rockstar Games property each month.

During a recent interview with the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast show, the 28-year-old spoke with its cohosts, Wallo and Gillie Da Kid, about his interest in gaming. Grizzley expressed he had no intention of taking gaming seriously, and it was something he would do for fun. Tee hit his stride during the height of the pandemic and began streaming live on Twitch at the request of people around him. It was seeing other professional gamers make a million a month that led him to take his ventures to the next level and eventually sign with XSET.

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Shocked at the revelation, Wallo then asked the rapper how he managed to monetize gaming, to which Grizzley revealed how he did it.

“I created a Grand Theft Auto [role playing ] server called Grizzley World. It represents the trenches. You can be in the streets without being in the streets,” expressed the Half Tee Half Beast artist. “I get paid from the server because you have to pay to get in; we have like 90,000 members.”

Tee explained his monetization strategy and detailed which platforms he streams and plays Grand Theft Auto on.

“I stream it on Twitch. I get paid from Twitch. I take the Twitch videos I already streamed, and I put those videos on Youtube. I get paid from YouTube,” he said. “And I get paid from the server. Then, you have sponsorships, ads, and all this s**t I get paid from too.”

Furthermore, the “First Day Out” artist also explained that members of the server get paid and don’t have to be in the streets anymore.

You can watch the latest episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game below. Tee Grizzley talks about gaming after the 36:11 mark.

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