Teddy Bridgewater, the coach, shows he can still play quarterback

The former first-round pick of the Minnesota Vikings is now a high school coach, but that doesn’t mean his arm is gone from the equation. The new head coach at Northwest Miami High School had to get back under center for his team.

Bridgewater came in to play quarterback for his team as a way to teach their quarterback and team a valuable lesson. In the video posted to social media, Bridgewater said he wanted his team to realize “you don’t have to create all these massive plays. Just get the ball to your guys.”

If that doesn’t perfectly encapsulate the way Teddy Bridgewater played quarterback, I don’t know what will.

During his four years with the Vikings, the former Louisville Cardinal passed for 6,150 yards and 28 touchdowns. All while leading the team to an 17-11 record as a starter. He also played for the Denver Broncos, New York Jets, Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins, and Denver Broncos before retiring to coach this past February.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire