Technical updates: 2024 Miami Grand Prix

McLaren has brought a substantial upgrade to the Miami Grand Prix, while Mercedes and Aston Martin also have a number of new parts.

The update for McLaren includes a huge list of items, including the front wing, front suspension, front corner, floor body, sidepod inlet, coke/engine cover, cooling louvers, rear suspension, rear corner and beam wing. On top of that there are number of mechanical components, leading to the team splitting configurations across its two drivers.

Lando Norris gets the full upgrade for the weekend in Miami, but Oscar Piastri has around half of the new parts. That is not down to a shortage of stock, but a choice the team has made to ensure it can prove the reliability and performance of the mechanical items and avoid major issues when there is just one practice session. Piastri will receive the full update in Imola.

Another team with a significant set of developments is Mercedes, where there is a new floor that includes changes to floor roof volume and floor edge detail. There is also a tweaked front wing, front suspension and more cooling options.

Aston Martin is another with multiple new parts, although all are defined as circuit specific. A revised front wing, engine cover, rear wing and beam wing still focus on performance, while there is an updated chassis scoop for driver cooling.

Red Bull has removed a support for the floor edge to save weight, while Alpine has no new parts listed but has made weight-saving reductions on both cars and brought the update introduced on Esteban Ocon’s car in China for Pierre Gasly too.

RB has introduced a new floor body and diffuser, while Haas also has an updated floor. Stake’s brought updates to the front and rear wings for balance changes for the Miami circuit, while there’s also a new front wing at Williams.

Story originally appeared on Racer